Integrity Matters!

Wait, don’t all believers have integrity? Well, do you want the long or short answer? Dr. Mark Chironna defines internal integrity as the quality or state of being complete, whole, and undivided. Internal integrity leads to key shifts in thoughts and behaviors, creating opportunities that otherwise would not present themselves. When everything flows together from a place of wholeness on the inside, things fall in place for you on the outside. You move in harmony with the present moment, without attempting to control outcomes. You dance with life, serving its unfolding. you then can hold on tight with an open hand!

As the psalmist in Psalm 25:21-22 says; may integrity and what is right (uprightness) watch over me, for I wait for you. God redeem Israel from all its distresses. Without doing a deep dive into the definition above but coupled with David’s request I think we can conclude that integrity can’t watch over me if I don’t acknowledge it at work in me.  With integrity as my watchmen, I begin to see my thoughts and behaviors shifting from a large expanse of ‘gray area’ to a total expanse of black and white. I really am who he says I am! I really do have an impact on my circumstances and the everyday concerns of life! With integrity as my overseer, life changing opportunities are being created as I declare his goodness to every aspect of my (thought) life! I no longer try to control situations and outcomes because integrity doesn’t require me too. This may be a stretch for some but I can begin to dance with life and watch it unfold before me! To be sure when I ride a roller coaster I am hanging on tight from a wonderfully fearful place but with integrity as my guide I am holding on tightly simply because of the speed that the heavens are unfolding before me. My other hand is open in surrender and expectation of continued blessing coming my way!

Let integrity (short definition; the quality of doing the right thing at all times) be your compass and watch your life change from average to spectacular, boring to fascinating, and monotonous to magnificent!

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