New Year’s Eve declarations for 2018 and beyond!

Our prophetic prayer teams were each assigned to pray and to declare answers over a specific region or area. Here are their declarations;


We believe God is giving new clarity to our all our elected officials. We know this new vision/clarity can only come from God. We expect this clarity to radically transform our government and produce a new unity. This unity will be unlike anything our nation has ever experienced. This unity will turn our nation back to God and for our sons, daughters, and all future generations!


We release angels over this area to bind the addicted and lead them to churches where they can receive deliverance and restoration.  We declare new job creators will move to the Northstate to eliminate unemployment.


We declare wholeness, health, healing, and salvation over every member of every family represented at RCC. We believe that the children of these families will be touched deeply by God in a way that profoundly changes them and  become fully dedicated unto the Lord. We declare as families of RCC that as for our house, “we will serve the Lord!” We declare the release of personal and family destiny in the kingdom. We declare wholeness and fulfillment of the destiny of each marriage represented at RCC! We declare a new level of unity in every relationship represented at RCC!

River City Church (specific)

RCC will embrace the fire from heaven making us a house of worship built on hearing the voice of God as we overflow in prosperity and abundance! We believe and trust God for restoration and to increase our capacity to love all who come through our doors. RCC will experience supernatural power with sign, wonders, and miracles that produces change because we are fearless, passionate, and excited about what God is doing in our midst!

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