Revolving Doors

I love eating at Famous Dave’s on Hilltop in Redding. Being originally from the Midwest I grew up on barbecue and plenty of it! There’s something intriguing about their revolving door that grants me access to their ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork, and so much more! This same door also serves as the primary exit when I’ve finished scratching my barbecue itch. Sometimes for fun we like to go around and around in the door and see how long we can go before we get dizzy or they ask us to stop!  In John 10:9 Jesus declared himself to be the door of the sheep and that the sheep were free to both enter and exit through him. He said those that hear his voice will either be going in or going out to find pasture but they will never get stuck going around in circles. There are certainly times in our journey that we need to go into the sheepfold and get rest, refreshed, and recharged. I’ve found that it is in these times that Jesus himself feeds me and fusses over me and absolutely spoils me! These times are amazing but deep down we both know when it’s time for me to return to reality. I can only eat so much barbecue after all! After my special time with him I am now better equipped to handle situations that inevitably come my way and to more easily and confidently declare his goodness. The last portion of John 10:10 says that he comes to give us life and life in abundance. The only prerequisite to this abundance is to hear his voice. He assures us that as his sheep we will know his voice and not follow a stranger. In contemplating this great truth I was struck by the scene in Revelation 3:20 where Jesus is pictured at the door knocking and wondering if anyone is hearing his voice! I won’t go into the verses that precede Rev 3:20 as you can search them out yourself but suffice to say it portrays a half-hearted people stuck in the revolving doors of life. As we move through 2018 let’s close the doors of doubt, fear, control, low expectations, and the silent killer of indifference and apathy that we see pictured in Rev. 3:14-22. Let’s respond to him in full confidence knowing that he’s waiting to enjoy a meal with us, maybe even at Famous Dave’s!

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